Apple And Amazon Ordered To End ‘App Store’ Dispute

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While the war of Apple patents vs. the world rages on, at least one dispute is expected to reach its inevitable climax. A Federal court judge has ordered that the two company’s end their long standing dispute over Amazon’s original use of the term “Appstore.”

Amazon launched “Appstore” as its first selling place for Google Android based software on tablet devices. Apple at the time claimed that it owned the right to the App Store brand, a moniker that was already in use by other software manufacturers long before Apple stole the term.

The federal court judge overseeing the lawsuit has ordered that Apple and Amazon come to terms on a settlement before heading to trial in August.

Apple And Amazon Ordered To End 'App Store' Dispute

Apple has already been facing an uphill battle in the lawsuit. Last year a judge said Apple’s claims that Amazon was attempting to confuse customers with the Appstore name were unmerited. The judge found there was “no evidence that a consumer who accesses the Amazon Appstore would expect that it would be identical to the Apple APP STORE.”

In the new settlement order issued by U.S. Magistrate Judge Elizabeth Laporte, the two company’s must attend a settlement discussion on March 21 and they must bring executives who have permission to deal on behalf of their respective tech firms.

While a settlement is not guaranteed it could be in Apple’s favor to reach the cases inevitable conclusion given its already poor track record in defending its case against Amazon.

At this time it is hard to determine who will emerge the victor, however Amazon has most of the tech industry on its side as Apple continues to file trademarks for rudimentary terms it never coined, while aligning itself against the rest of the sector it operates within.

Do you think Apple deserves the trademark rights to the “App Store” term or is the company grasping at straws?

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